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Our products are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase with a limited warranty (proof of purchase required). Under this warranty, if our products are defective in materials or craft, we will repair the product for free. We fix and service only our production.


If your purchase is not quite what you\'re looking for, you've got 14 days (according to Ukrainian legislation) from a moment of purchase to return or exchange your item. Please notice it is possible while maintaining the integrity of the packaging and the originality of the product. Items from sale and used products are not subject of exchange and refund!


- To bring the product to the store

- To send items to the store by courier or postal service at your expense

- In the case of the exchange, we will send new product only after receiving the previous item

(* Money for the returned items can proceed within 14 days after their receiving).

Instructions for returning goods that were purchased through the online store

1. Fill out the application and return certificate contained in the product box.

2. Take a photo of the completed application and return statement and send it to the manager for processing online orders.

3. The manager will confirm the refund or, if necessary, ask to make changes to the statements and the act.

4. After the manager has confirmed the return, put in the box:

- goods;

- receipt, confirmation of purchase and payment;

- completed application and return certificate.

5. Pack all of the above and send to the store address. After we receive the parcel, the return will be made within 5 working days.

Form for registration of return of the goods Download form


- Measure both of your legs.

- Place your foot on a piece of paper and circle it with a pencil. ATTENTION! Trace the outline of your foot holding pencil upright and perpendicular to the paper. Don\'t keep it at an angle.

- Use your pencil to mark the widest parts of your feet and the longest parts of your feet from the tip of your longest toe to your heel.

- Then measure the circumference of the foot around the ball - between the most salient bones of inner and outer foot arches.

- You should also measure a straight foot instep girth –the narrowest part of a foot instep, approximately in the middle of it. At this time a centimeter should tightly wrap your foot.

- Measure the heel diagonal. Place a centimeter underneath the heel, then swipe centimeter around the beginning of the ankle. Fix and save volumes.

- Measure the length of the trace: draw an equal line between the extreme points and fix this length.

- If you take measures for boots, you need to measure your calf around its widest point.

- First, the volume of the ankle (at the height of 10-12 cm).

- Then every 5 cm - to the widest part of the calf.

- Fix the circumference of the widest part of the calf and determine the height at which it is.

- Measure the height of the heels (see picture)

Video link

For a better understanding of the taking measurements process, watch the video.


You can buy gift certificates in our stores. You define nominal at your discretion, the validity period of the certificate is 24 month. The certificate is valid for the purchasing products in the store and for making an order in the atelier*.

(* The funds for the certificate cannot be returned in cash, they remain on the certificate)



For smooth leather, you can use special creams (colorless or tinting). The most versatile care tool for any color leather is the colorless wax for shoes. Wax, like creams, should be applied with a special brush for shoes on a previously cleaned product (no dust and dirt on it). If you want to add shine to the product - after waxing, rub it with flannel or fur cloth.


The glossy and matte leather is fussier in care. Glossy leather is more exposure to scratches, and the matte leather is \'polishing\' instead while using the product. If you want your matte or glossy products to keep their original appearance as long as possible, we recommend you to be careful with them.

Wax is not suitable for these types of leather.

If your glossy shoes get dirty, you should first wash them with a napkin, and then use special restorative tools. Matte («rubber») leather is also be wiped with a damp cloth WITHOUT alcohol and let it dry or dry it with a soft cloth rag.


For shoes with lacquered leather special care is required. In addition to the necessary care recommendations, lacquer leather should periodically be wiped with a damp cotton swab and a soft cloth to restore shine. It should not be cleaned with a brush. Lacquered shoes are also not recommended to be worn daily, especially during lousy weather. From the dampness and street dirt, the shiny lacquer surface gradually fades and is covered with small cracks.

It is FORBIDDEN to wear lacquered shoes if temperatures are below 0 - the varnished coating may freeze and crack. It is necessary to keep lacquered shoes at moderate humidity, to avoid lacquer coating drying out.

Please notice seasonality while using shoes. Wearing shoes in snowy weather can lead to the deposition of salt and other chemicals that are used by municipal services to accelerate the melting of snow on its surface. If this happens - immediately clean the leather with a damp cloth a few times so that the salt does not have time to absorb; dry, completely clean the leather from stains with water and vinegar solution (2: 1) and apply appropriate protective equipment.


Velour, nubuck, and suede should be cleaned only in a dry condition. If you hit the rain wearing suede shoes, first let it dry completely, and then remove dust and dirt with a special elastic. Due to this, the structure of the leather will become rough again. Similarly, in addition to gum, there are special brushes, which has rubber \'fingers\' on the one side – they clean the surface, and on the other side, they have a metallic napkin - combing the area of frosted suede. Dark suede shoes will be easy to clean after holding it over the steam and then brush it.

It is FORBIDDEN to clean a pair of light suede - otherwise, it will get darken. Take care of a light suede shoe before use, using appropriate sprays to protect them against moisture and dirt. If the suede is still dirty - use foam for suede.

IMPORTANTLY! Use any leather care products only as written in the instructions for usage (for example, DO NOT leave the cleansing foam on the product; otherwise the leather absorbs it and leaves the spot), and before cleaning « test» all care tools on imperceptible areas of the product.

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