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Jade red satin sandals /9 cm/

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These sandals are specially designed for festive occasions and have a minimalist design, making them suitable for any outfit. The model features delicate details adorned with crystals and a 9cm high heel, embellished with stones at the back. For the sandals, we have developed a leather sole. We have added a soft silicone layer to the footbed to make the pair even more comfortable. These sandals will perfectly complement dresses of various lengths, and you can also pair them with a jacket.
Care recommendations:
For light dirt, gently clean the satin with a damp cloth, making sure to wet the entire surface of the details to avoid streaks, and allow them to air dry. If the dirt is severe, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional shoe care workshop.

Item details

Top material
100% satin
Material inside
100% leather
Material the bottom
100% leather
Heel height
9 cm

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Jade red satin sandals /9 cm/

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Jade red satin sandals /9 cm/

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Jade red satin sandals /9 cm/

Jade red satin sandals /9 cm/

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